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In a desert of blue, where the sky meets the sand, I wandered alone, with a heart heavy and bland. The snow fell like tears, a shade of azure, A chilling reminder of a love that was pure. The cacti stood tall, in their icy blue attire, As if frozen in time, consumed by the fire. The wind whispered secrets, a melancholy tune, Echoes of loneliness in the vast, silent dune. Footprints in the snow, a trail of regrets, A dance of memories, where the heart often frets. The sunsets painted the horizon in shades of despair, A canvas of sorrow, a burden to bear. Yet, in the midst of the blue, a glimmer of light, A hope that emerged from the cold winter‘s night. For even in sadness, there‘s a chance to renew, To find joy in the strangest, like a blue toilet true. So here‘s a jest, a break from the solemnity, A tale of a toilet, in a hue of such peculiarity. In the desert of blue, where tears often flow, A blue toilet appeared, bringing laughter to the snow. Amidst the icy expanse, a porcelain surprise, A whimsical sight that defies the somber skies. For in humor, we find a refuge so true, Even in a desert of blue, we can start anew.

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 Blue Poem
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El Templo de Quetzalcóatl es el centro del mundo y la serpiente emplumada la espina dorsal del universo
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Soneto II - 5 sonetos a la Serpiente Emplumada la espina dorsal del universo, en el Templo de Quetzalcóatl, el centro del mundo.
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