In the burning heart of Latin America, where the sun embraces the earth with passion, cool waters flow like rivers of relief. In the bustling flea markets, where the colors mix like a rainbow, Skillful hands serve overflowing glasses. Jamaica, the crimson flower, dances in the water sweetly, Its petals whisper ancient secrets. Tamarind, dark and mysterious, unfolds in a bittersweet embrace, Like an old friend who never leaves us. Horchata, the milk of the earth, cooled with cinnamon and vanilla, a soft caress for exhausted thirst. And lemon, the brave citrus, Immerses itself in the crystalline liquid, an explosion of freshness in every sip. No part of Latin America leaves you languishing with thirst, Well, in every corner, in every square, A flea market awaits with open arms. There, soft drinks are accessible treasures, great as hope, cheap as shared love. So drink, thirsty traveler, of the fresh American waters, and he lets life flow in every drop. 🌿🌞🍹

22:07 Houston - 02:07 Sao Paulo - 22:07 Mexico City - 23:07 Bogotá - 12:07 Shanghai - 13:07 Tokyo - 04:07 London - 05:07 Frankfurt
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 Fresh waters Accessible treasures that do not let you languish from thirst
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