Julian Assange and the risk that we all run in a world where freedom of expression does not exist. The United States and Great Britain paladins of Liberty turn out to be the most dictatorial and repressive states. While we all witnessed the persecution against the Swedish activist, it is more than disturbing completely frightening that the media except for a Russian agency, nobody would give coverage to that witch hunt, to that holy inquisition that we are living in our days. What is the message of the great brother for all of us? very simple, you can run but not hide, you can hide but not escape, you can talk but only those things that are authorized. There is that forbidden knowledge that you can not talk about, freedom of expression does not exist, the famous first amendment of the United States Constitution is valid only as long as it does not affect the interests of large corporations or power groups. In a more or less globalized world that is on the way to deglobalization, in an era of information that has become the era of misinformation, in the United States you no longer have the freedom to choose the brand of your mobile, you cannot buy Huawei, just for example. That is not called freedom.

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 Julian Assange, The risk that we all run
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