In the beginning, there was only water and darkness And in it lived a monster called Cipactli The four sons of Ometeotl, the dual god They decided to create the world from his hostile body The first to act was Tezcatlipoca, the black god Who used his foot as bait to lure the beast But Cipactli bit the limb off. And Tezcatlipoca had to replace it with one made of obsidian Then came Quetzalcoatl, the white god That with his stone club he hit Cipactli And with the help of his brother, he tore it to pieces. This is how the earth, the sky and the sun were born Tezcatlipoca became the first sun But since he was missing a leg, it was only half a sun Quetzalcoatl knocked him down from the sky with his club And Tezcatlipoca transformed into a ferocious jaguar The jaguar devoured the first inhabitants of the earth And the world was filled with blood and destruction Thus ended the first era, the Sun of the Earth And the second began, the Sun of the Wind Quetzalcoatl became the second sun But Tezcatlipoca did not accept his defeat And he sent him a great hurricane that swept him away And he turned the humans into monkeys The monkeys were blown into space by the wind And the world remained empty and silent Thus ended the second era, the Sun of the Wind And the third began, the Sun of the Rain Tláloc, the god of rain, became the third sun But Tezcatlipoca was not satisfied with his revenge And he stole his wife, the goddess Xochiquétzal. Tláloc cried so much that it caused a great drought Then, in anger, he rained fire on the earth And humans turned into birds The world caught fire and melted Thus ended the third era, the Sun of Rain And the fourth began, the Sun of Water Chalchiuhtlicue, the goddess of water, became the fourth sun But Tezcatlipoca did not tire of his cruelty And she told him that her kindness was false And that she only wanted power The goddess was so sad that she cried without stopping. And her tears flooded the earth Humans turned into fish And the world was submerged in water Thus ended the fourth era, the Sun of Water And the fifth began, the Sun of Movement Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca reconciled And together they raised heaven and earth Then they went to the underworld to look for the bones of ancient humans. And they took them to the goddess Tonantzin, the mother of the gods She ground them and mixed them with the blood of Quetzalcoatl And so she created the new inhabitants of the earth But she told them that they should honor the gods with sacrifices Or else the world would end again Nanahuatzin, the humble god, became the fifth sun But Tezcatlipoca did not forget his resentment And he wanted to test the loyalty of humans And he disguised himself as one of them to tempt them Tezcatlipoca arrived at the city of Tula, where Quetzalcóatl reigned. And he posed as a priest named Tezcatlipoca He offered Quetzalcoatl an intoxicating drink And he made him break his vows of chastity and sobriety Quetzalcoatl was ashamed of his sin And he decided to leave his kingdom Tezcatlipoca followed him and told him that he must go to the east And that there he would find redemption Quetzalcoatl reached the sea and built a raft of snakes And he sailed towards the rising sun But before he left, he promised to return one day And bring peace and justice to the world Tezcatlipoca was satisfied with his deception And he waited for the moment of his final triumph But when the invaders arrived from the other side of the sea He believed they were the return of Quetzalcoatl Tezcatlipoca approached them and posed as their ally And he revealed to them the secrets of the Aztecs And he incited them to attack and conquer And to destroy their culture and their religion The Aztecs resisted and fought bravely But Tezcatlipoca did not help them And he left them at the mercy of the invaders And thus ended the fifth era, the Sun of Movement And the sixth began, the Sun of the Smoky Mirror Tezcatlipoca was the god of the smoking mirror, which reflected truth and lies. He was also the god of shifting power, granting victory and wrath. He was the most cunning and ambitious of the four sons of Ometeotl, the dual god who created the universe. Tezcatlipoca wanted to be the lord of all creation, and that is why he set out to create the world from the body of Cipactli, the monster that lived in water and darkness. With his jade foot, he attracted the attention of the beast, which launched itself to devour him. But Tezcatlipoca was faster, and plunged the obsidian knife into his heart. However, Cipactli did not give up so easily, and with his jaws he tore off Tezcatlipoca‘s foot, who screamed in pain and fury. Tezcatlipoca had to replace his foot with one made of obsidian, which reminded her of his wound and his revenge. Tezcatlipoca rose into the sky and became the first sun, which illuminated the earth that had emerged from the body of Cipactli. But since he was missing a leg, it was only half the sun, and the light from it was weak and dim. Quetzalcoatl, the god of the feathered serpent, who was Tezcatlipoca‘s brother and rival, saw him from the ground and mocked him. He told him that he was an incomplete and defective sun, and that he did not deserve to reign over the world. Tezcatlipoca became angry and challenged him to a duel. Quetzalcoatl accepted the challenge, and with his stone club he struck Tezcatlipoca, who fell from the sky and crashed to the ground. Tezcatlipoca transformed into a black jaguar, which roared with rage and pounced on the first inhabitants of the land, who were giants of flesh and blood. The jaguar devoured the giants, and the world was filled with blood and destruction. Thus the first era ended, the Sun of the Earth, and the second began, the Sun of the Wind, which was Quetzalcoatl.

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 The Legend of Tezcatlipoca
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