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Initially known as Hongmeng we now know that its name will be Ark OS, to describe it easily we could say that it is the sum of all the fears of Silicon Valley, the perfect storm that can wipe out the Mecca of American technology. Google has hastened to denounce them as an insecure version, it is supposed to be a diminished version of Google Software, based on the Android open source, but those statements of fear do nothing but make us conclude that it is a monster, the Huawei operating system does not is an insecure version of Android is rather, an Android on steroids, we are about to see the technological revolution made in China or rather we should say made in USA by Donald Trump.

22:07 Houston - 02:07 Sao Paulo - 22:07 Mexico City - 23:07 Bogotá - 12:07 Shanghai - 13:07 Tokyo - 04:07 London - 05:07 Frankfurt
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 What is Hongmeng Ark OS?
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