If you’re lonely You never show a sign No devotion could ever change your mind No illusion when your work is done Nobody knows you Nobody knows your name Nobody knows you Samurai samurai Did you ever dream Hesitate wonder why At all the anger you have seen Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh Samurai samurai Does your blood run cold No light shines in your eyes No burning flame in your soul Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh Your commission was written in the sand No emotion could ever stay your hand No consolation no word of love or praise Your fight is over Your enemies are gone Your fight is over Songwriters: Mario Killer / Michael Cretu Samurai lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

22:07 Houston - 02:07 Sao Paulo - 22:07 Mexico City - 23:07 Bogotá - 12:07 Shanghai - 13:07 Tokyo - 04:07 London - 05:07 Frankfurt
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 Samurai - Michael Cretu
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