IV But one day everything suddenly changes Some strange men arrive from afar They are the Spanish, who come with their people Armed with rifles and horses The Spanish want to conquer The Valley of Mexico and its riches The Mexicans want to resist and fight For their land and their beliefs A cruel and long war breaks out Between the two opposing sides The Mexicans defend their city The great Tenochtitlan, pride of its past

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 Sonnet IV - The legend of Tlaloc. Sonnets.
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The Temple of Quetzalcoatl is the center of the world and the feathered serpent is the spine of the universe.
Sonnet III - Quetzalcoatl creates man with corn and water. Sonnets.
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Sonnet II - 5 sonnets to the Feathered Serpent, the spine of the universe, in the Temple of Quetzalcóatl, the center of the world.
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