The art of negotiating of Donald J Trump and his cryptic messages that have not been read between the lines by Iranian, North Korean and Venezuelan leaders, are barely captured by the Russian and Chinese leaders, that lack of understanding that inability to read what the American president means with each one of his movements, he has taken the world to the brink of war, and there are those who have even talked about the nuclear Apocalypse. All this shows ignorance, the inability to read between the lines of almost everyone, only one man on the entire planet has been able to take the measure to the perfection of the most powerful man in the world, the real estate magnate and teacher of the negotiation Donald J Trump, that person is Marcelo Ebrard, flaming chancellor of the United Mexican States, official name of Mexico. Ebrard discovered that all the threats and the fuss, however serious they may seem, are not, the Russian, Chinese and Iranian leaders should run with the Mexican, because surely so much pressure, so many threats, so many sanctions, so many fees only mean one thing, Donald Trump wants something, when Donald Trump threatens you, presses you, punishes you, it just means he wants something from you, and as hard as it seems, by unbreakable with his Falcons like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump doubles as an umbrella, since the Mexican government achieved what the Chinese and Russian governments have not achieved in decades, they did it in a few days. After the book The Art of Negotiation by Donald Trump, we will need the book, a corresponding reply written by Marcelo Ebrard, perhaps sharing the secrets of the art of counter-negotiation.

22:07 Houston - 02:07 Sao Paulo - 22:07 Mexico City - 23:07 Bogotá - 12:07 Shanghai - 13:07 Tokyo - 04:07 London - 05:07 Frankfurt
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 The art of negotiation, Donald J. Trump doubles as an umbrella.
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