After Chalchiuhtlicue flooded the world with his tears and turned the humans of the fourth sun into fish, the gods gathered again at Teotihuacán, to create a new sun and a new humanity. But this time, none of them volunteered, because they knew that the destiny of the suns was to suffer and die. The gods then decided to choose one of them at random to be sacrificed at the stake and become the fifth sun. The chosen one was Nanahuatzin, the lord of skin diseases, who was humble and kind. Nanahuatzin accepted his fate with resignation, and prepared for his immolation. The gods asked Tecuciztécatl, the lord of the seashells, to accompany Nanahuatzin, since he was the richest and proudest of them. Tecuciztécatl reluctantly accepted, and prepared for his immolation. The gods lit a large bonfire, and ordered Nanahuatzin and Tecuciztécatl to throw themselves into the fire. Tecuciztécatl tried to do it four times, but each time he regretted it and backed away. Nanahuatzin, on the other hand, threw himself into the fire without hesitation, and was consumed in the flames. Tecuciztécatl, ashamed of his cowardice, threw himself into the fire after Nanahuatzin, and was also consumed in the flames. The gods waited for the new sun to rise, but they did not see it rise anywhere. Then, they heard a voice coming from the east, which told them that the sun would not move until all the gods sacrificed themselves as well. The gods were scared, and did not want to give their lives for the sun. But two of them, Xólotl, the dog god, and Ecatl, the wind god, offered to die for the sun. Xólotl threw himself into the fire, and became the moon. Ecatl blew hard, and pushed the sun towards the sky. Thus the fifth sun was born, which was called Nahui Ollin, the sun of movement. Their god was Tonatiuh, the lord of the sun, fire and the east. Its element was fire, and its color was red. In this era, humans are the descendants of the fish that survived the flood. But Tonatiuh is weak and needs the blood of humans to move through the sky. For this reason, the Mexica offer human sacrifices to feed him and prevent the world from ending. Thus the fifth sun continues, until the day comes when the sun stands still and the world is destroyed again.

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 The legend of the fifth sun
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Sonnet I - Quetzalcoatl creates man with corn and water. Sonnets.
Sonnet III - 5 sonnets to the Feathered Serpent, the spine of the universe, in the Temple of Quetzalcóatl, the center of the world.
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Sonnet II - Quetzalcoatl creates man with corn and water. Sonnets.
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