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He walked the streets of Mexico City The modern and vibrant Mexico City Where the skyscrapers, cars, and people filled the space And created a civilization of progress and grace He wandered aimlessly, looking for some food And stumbled upon a restaurant that looked good It was called the Lost Dining Room, a humble and shabby place Where he hoped to find some solace and peace He entered the restaurant, and ordered a plate But he saw something that made him hesitate The walls were decorated with masks of monsters That looked like the ones he had seen in the chamber He touched one of the masks, and felt a shock He heard a voice in his head, that said: "We have been expecting you" He turned around, and saw the woman with a knife She said: "You have seen too much, you must pay the price" She stabbed him in the chest, and he fell to the ground He saw the masks on the wall, and realized that they were portals Portals to the world of the monsters Portals that the Aztecs had opened and worshiped Portals that he had unwittingly entered and awakened

22:07 Houston - 02:07 Sao Paulo - 22:07 Mexico City - 23:07 Bogotá - 12:07 Shanghai - 13:07 Tokyo - 04:07 London - 05:07 Frankfurt
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 The Lost Dining Room
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Sonnet I - 5 sonnets to the Feathered Serpent, the spine of the universe, in the Temple of Quetzalcóatl, the center of the world.
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