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The art of negotiation, Donald J. Trump doubles as an umbrella.
• Do not fight with the cook
• The art of negotiation, Donald J. Trump
• Julian Assange, The risk that we all run
• What is Hongmeng Ark OS?
Julian Assange, The risk that we all run
Julian Assange and the risk that we all run in a world where freedom of expression does not exist. The United States and Great Britain paladins of Liberty tur...
The machine of truth
In the world of lies you create any fallacy you repeat it 1000 times and it becomes true. So if you control the mass media you control the truth, and in th...
The Dow Jones and the hyper Bubble
The barrier of 25,000 that barrier that seemed to be unattainable, was broken during the government of Donald Trump and for the first time in history was even ...
Do not fight with the cook
Do not fight with the cook, says the old adage well known in Mexico and Spanish-speaking countries. Its meaning is more than clear. Get into trouble with the...

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